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Look inside our latest print issue, and our largest ever, now at 800+
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Scotia, from Yarmouth to Bay St. Lawrence.

1. Peter and the potato patch principle
What's behind the ups and downs, the in-beds & out-of-beds of Peter
MacKay, Belinda Stronach, Jack Layton and Paul Martin? Perhaps, says
shunpiking, it is the US auto monopolies and the anti-national
interests of annexation.

2. Health care for whom
Commentary on the Supreme Court decision of 9 June on the Chaouilli
case. "Right from the start, the framing of the case meant that it
was not the right of Canadians to health care which was being
considered..." By Peggy Morton and Sandra L. Smith.

3. Our ninth year
"Shunpiking magazine is approaching its 10th anniversary on December 3rd..."

4. Death of our colleague
Tom Burger, renowned film-maker and photographer, co-founder of
shunpiking, has passed away.

5. On the 60th anniversary of the defeat of fascism in Europe
"As part of the international commemorations, the editors of
shunpiking have published a special online dossier on the importance
of this occasion."

6. 'Ooh-la-la!' or the gunboat policy à la Haiti?
On the occasion of the 'visit' of the French NATO fleet to Halifax in
mid-June, Tony Seed dissects the spurious methods and aim of an
exercise in 'information operations'.

* War exercises on Canadian soil a major but hidden danger

7. Disinformation news in brief & comment
* The Halifax International Symposium on Media & Disinformation *
Senate Committee on the Mass Media * Telesur challenges US
information dominance * Titanic disinformation: Grand Banks and
foreign fishing fleets

8. Michelin retirees
French multinational owes retirees hundreds of millions.

9. Why are the US and Canada harbouring terrorists?
Luis Posada Carriles turns up in Miami and US 'protective custody';
also implicated in attacks on Cuban targets on Canadian soil, but
Canada remains silent. The Nova Scotia Cuba Association asks why.

10. Canada Park: Canadian collusion in a war crime
"Here is our house," says Ibrahim Elsheikh, the 75-year-old mukhtar
(village headman) of Imwas (Emmaus), pointing to the rubble of his
home which stood there until June 1967, when Israel invaded and
occupied Sinai, the West Bank, Gaza and the Golan Heights. By Dr.
Ismail Zayid.

* The Second Halifax Symposium on Palestine; A Land, A People, A
Past, A Future (24-26 September 2005)

11. Two hurricanes, two responses
Feature interview with Mark Rushton on the response of Nova
Scotia/Canada and Cuba, and their respective political-social
structures and peoples to hurricanes.

* The media and social responsibility
"The effects of Hurricane Juan and the extent of other hurricanes and
storms, as well as climatic change, electrical blackouts and other
man-made and natural disasters such as the Indian Ocean earthquake of
26 December 2004 have promoted new debate. Despite the enormous reach
of the mass media and modern communications, environmental knowledge
is not popularized, and information is not communicated in a timely
fashion to the public." By Tony Seed.

The mystery of Nova Scotia rock
"Geology is said by many to be the study of disasters. But it is also
the study of the interconnectedness of our lives and society to
Mother Earth. To truly appreciate culture and the natural beauty
around us, and make informed decisions about the future, we should
know and appreciate geology. " Centrefold feature by Peter Wallace
with photography by John Wm Webb.

* Shunpiking the geology of Nova Scotia
Peter Wallace guides you to 22 unique and accessible locations
throughout Nova Scotia -- maps, geo charts and photos.


* Going wild, cooking with wild edibles. Cynthia Martin reviews Wild
in the Kitchen: recipes for wild fruits, weeds and seeds by Ronna

* Competition: Is winning everything? Resisting the pressure on our
youth. Chapter excerpted from The Kids' Baseball Book, the 1994
best-seller by Curtis Coward and Tony Seed.

* Most widely read novel of all time. 2005 marks the 400th
anniversary of Don Quixote de la Mancha, the literary monument by
Miquel de Cervantes Saavedra.

* A Stain Upon the Sea; profit over wild salmon. Review of A Stain
Upon the Sea: West Coast Salmon Farming by Stephen Hume et al by Kim

* Voices of Nova Scotia communities by Scott Milsom. Silver Donald
Cameron finds A cheerful investigator.

* Class and clash in the Miramichi. Review of Larry Lynch's An
Expectation of Home by Charles Spurr.


* Paddling the Tobeatic. Review of Any Smith's guide to the largest
wilderness area left in Nova Scotia by Sheena Masson.

* Honeymoon on the Margaree River by Rick Peters and Alison Meadows Peters.

Cover photography by Bob Semple.

Plus: 32 pages of Mac-Talla, our 5th annual supplement produced with
the Gaelic Council of Nova Scotia.
* Culture * Heritage * History * Language * Politics

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