Released on the 60th anniversary of Hiroshima and Hagasaki, August 6 2005

(24 Oct 2003) Crash of Boeing 747 at Halifax International Airport exposes little-known use of DU in commercial jets. CHRISTOPHER BOLLYN, American Free Press

(3 Jul 2004) Presentation by Susan Riordan of Yarmouth, NS to the Halifax International Symposium on Media and Disinformation. (Forthcoming)

(17 Nov 2004) The test results indicated that traces of a radioactive metal, depleted uranium, remained in his body -- nine years after he left the field of conflict. RAYMOND D. COHEN, Abilities Magazine

(26 Mar 2001) Someone broke into the rural Nova Scotia home belonging to the widow of Capt. Terry Riordon, a Canadian Forces veteran who allegedly died of Gulf War Syndrome, say the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. MURRAY BREWSTER, CP

(9 Feb 2001) "We are in a navy city ... Ten years ago most (Gulf war veterans) were sexually functional ... We could be only beginning to see the problems," she told the committee. CLARE MELLOR, Halifax Herald

(9 Feb 2001) Gulf War vet's widow stuns politicians with tales of neglect. CLARE MELLOR, Halifax Herald

(14 Nov 2000) Canada's veterans who think they were poisoned in the 1991 Gulf War and in the Balkans can't trust the government when it says they're fine, said scientists at an international conference. CBC News

(7 Feb 2000) New scientific evidence may help determine why so many Gulf War veterans are sick. Defence Minister's empty promise. CBC News

(Defence Minister) Art Eggleton says "it's very sad.'' It's not "very sad.'' It's criminal negligence and it's outrageous. MICHELLE LANDSBERG, Toronto Star

(8 July 1999) Is Canada knowingly sending its soldiers off to Kosovo to die from uranium dust? SID TAFLER, Now, Toronto

(5 Jan 1999) "Failing grade" for military treatment. "An absoluite cover-up by the government", says president of the Canadian Peacekeeping Veterans Association. LOIS LEGGE, Halifax Herald

(24 Oct 2003) Canadian Forces clean up "other debris". MITZI BOWMAN with TONY SEED, Shunpiking Online

Canadian navy dumps six tons of depleted uranium rounds
(22 Sep 1999) Tons of potentially toxic radioactive material is sitting just off the coast of Nova Scotia. CBC News

(25 Sep 99) The Navy met with fishermen for an hour this week "to clear up the situation". CBC News
(10 Apr 2003) Informative interview with Dr. Doug Rokke, former US Major and expert on depleted uranium, on its use in US weaponry in Iraq in 1991 and now, and its effect on people, the environment and the seabed. CHARLES BOYLAN, Shunpiking

(17 Nov 2004) A new British inquiry confirms that the Gulf War Syndrome is genuine, and London must now accept that it afflicts thousands of veterans of the 1991 war against Iraq. RADIO HAVANA CUBA

(1 Sep 2003) -- Soldiers and civilians in Iraq face a health time bomb after dangerously high levels of radiation were measured around Baghdad. EXPRESS, London

(15 May 2003) Christian Sience Monitor finds high levels of radiation left by US armor-piercing shells. The whole place is contaminated and no one is warning or protecting the inhabitants. SCOTT PETERSON

(30 Mar 2003) Coalition forces are using DU shells in the war against Iraq and deliberately flouting a UN resolution which classifies the munitions as illegal weapons of mass destruction. NEIL MACKAY, The Sunday Herald (Scotland)

(Nov 2002) Interview with US Major DOUG ROKKE in Boston. Traprock Peace Center

(20 Dec 2002) If US fights Iraq, it would use a weapon that left a radioactive trail in Gulf War. SCOTT PETERSON, Christian Science Monitor

(22 May 2003) A small sample of Afghan civilians have shown "astonishing" levels of uranium in their urine, an independent scientist says. ALEX KIRBY, BBC

Startling new report on exposure to uranium dust and debris, despite Anglo-American denial of DU use. DAVEY GARLAND, Green Left Weekly, Australia

(Mar 2002) The US loudly and proudly boasted this month of its new bomb being used in Afghanistan. ROBERT JAMES PARSONS, Le Monde Diplomatique

(1 Dec 2001) The effect of using depleted uranium in Irak - Are we using it in Afghanistan also? ANDY KERSHAW, The Independent, London

(11 Oct 2002) Time for a dossier on Israel. The crash of El Al flight LY1862 in the Netherlands, 4 October 1992. NEIL SAMMONDS, Middle East International

(27 Nov 2000) Israel is DU-armed and capable, and shielding on Israeli tanks is DU-reinforced. International Action Center

(2 Jan 2003) Experts from the UN Environment Program (UNEP) recently found three radioactive foci in Bosnia-Herzegovina from recovered missiles containing U-238 depleted uranium used by NATO in the 1995 air attacks. HUGO ALONSO, Prensa Latina


(18 Aug 2004) The Pentagon's use of DU weapons means a death sentence both here and abroad, according to a former weapons laboratory whistleblower. Are Physicians for Social Responsibility part of the medical cover-up?

(21 Jul 2004) Since 1991, the United States has staged four wars using depleted uranium weaponry, illegal under all international treaties, conventions and agreements, as well as under the US military law. LEUREN MORET

(14 Mar 2004) -- An international citizens' tribunal in Tokyo found US President George W. Bush guilty of war crimes for attacking civilians with indiscriminate weapons and other arms during the US-led antiterrorism operations in Afghanistan in 2001. NAO SHIMOYACHI, Japan Times

(10 Mar 2004) Final Written Opinion of Judge Niloufer Bhagwat

(25 Nov 2003) LOREN MORET

(2 Oct 2003) US military might relies on depleted uranium, which incinerates tanks on impact. But soldiers and civilians alike say the radioactive ammo is making them sick. HILLARY JOHNSON, Rolling Stone

(31 Oct 2002) Armed conflicts have exacerbated the health situation across the Middle East. HALA SAKR investigates the relationship between health and war and highlights the problems created by the US use of depleted uranium in Iraq. Al-Ahram Weekly, Cairo

(31 Oct 2002) Gro Harlem Brundtland, WHO director general and former prime minister of Norway, talks of the fine line one has to tread between mandate and compromise. Al-Ahram Weekly, Cairo

(Jan 2002) Mystery metal bombs and Afghan war syndrome. The silence of government, UN agencies and the media, and the vailidity of official research.. Collected studies and public domain sources compiled by DAI WILLIAMS, independent researcher.
Orginal Source

(5 Nov 2001) Survey article, especially regarding military aviation and weaponry. Venik's Aviation

(7 Jan 2001) Leaked documents cover up claim. NEIL MACKAY and FELICITY ARBUTHNOTT, The Sunday Herald, Scotland

(29 Apr 1999) At least 17 countries have in their arsenals bullets made from depleted uranium. Many -- such as Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Taiwan -- get them from the US. England and France buy DU wholesale from the US. Russia now sells DU rounds on the open market. SCOTT PETERSON, Christian Science Monitor


(29 Feb 2004) Claims by the Ministry of Defence that depleted uranium is not a risk to life have been undermined by a Sunday Herald investigation that found the British army is telling soldiers in Iraq that it can cause ill-health. NEIL MACKAY and AMY WILSON, The Sunday Herald.

(16 Oct 2003). Detailed analysis of information warfare and its modus operandi presented to the World Uranium Weapons Conference. PIOTR BEIN

(20 Jun 2003) What the Pentagon doesn't want us to know about depleted uranium. FRIDA BERRIGAN, In These Times

(3 Apr 2003) One of the highest-ranking medical officers in the Canadian Forces has dismissed as a "fantasy" a series of media reports linking the use of radioactive weapons with a wide range of illnesses suffered by some Gulf War veterans. MURRAY BREWSTER, CP

(15 Mar 2001) The reasoning behind the ongoing campaign of deception is made clearer by a Los Alamos National Laboratory memo entitled "The Effectiveness of Depleted Uranium Penetrators" dated 1 March 1991, the day after the Gulf cease-fire and the day before the slaughter on the Basra road using DU weapons. FELICITY ARBUTHNOT, Al-Ahram Weekly


(16-19 Oct 2003) Depleted uranium and other uranium weapons: trojan horse of a nuclear war. Hamburg, Germany http: //

Discounted Casualties: The Human Cost of Depleted Uranium
By Hiroshima journalist Akira Tashiro, introduction by Leuren Moret. (
The book can be read online at:



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