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September 2005

Katrina special edition

A crime against humanity
... More

(1 Sep 2005) From what you're hearing, the people trapped in New Orleans are nothing but looters. We're told we should be more "neighborly." But nobody talked about being neighborly until after the people who could afford to leave -- left. MALIK RAHIM

(2 Sep 2005) THE US Government had intentionally kept water and food from desperate people in New Orleans. MITCHEL COHEN

The real heroes and sheroes of New Orleans. LARRY BRADSHAW and LORRIE BETH SLONSKY

St. Louisans survive lawlessness in French Quarter (2 Sep 05) TOM UHLENBROCK, St. Louis Post-Dispatch Police trapped thousands in New Orleans (9 Sep 05) ROGERS CADENHEAD ; Police made their storm misery worse (9 Sep 05) CHIP JOHNSON, San Francisco Chronicle; Cops trapped survivors in New Orleans (9 Sep 05) SHAUN WATERMAN, UPI ;

"Do you have water you could give us? We have four kids. When they told us to leave before the hurricane we couldn't. We have no car and no money." ALICIA JRAPKO

(4 Sep 2005) "Human beings don't live like that, people in the street don't live like that," she says. DAVID USBORNE

(1 Sep 05) "The people are not barbarians ... Some offered to walk all the way around up the bridge and bring the supplies down, but any attempt to approach the police or national guard resulted in weapons being aimed at them." says 'Bigfoot" from the Convention Center. MICHAEL BARNETT

(6 Sep 2005) I'm afraid the camp is not going to be used as the kind people of the churches who own the cabins believe it was going to be used. VALHALL

(9 Sep 2005) A native New Orleanean goes home -- and finds a war zone of floating bodies, angry survivors and threatening policemen. NICK GLASSMAN

(10 Sep 2005) Heavily armed paramilitary mercenaries from the Blackwater private security firm, infamous for their work in Iraq, are openly patrolling the streets of New Orleans. JEREMY SCAHILL and DANIELA CRESPO

(12 Sep 05) "In my opinion, everything that is going on in the media is a complete bastardization of what is really happening. The result is that good people are dying and losing family members" writes a volunteer from the front lines as he cites the selfless sacrifice of eight citizens. Their stories deserve to be told. ROBERT LEBLANC

(13 Sep 2005) From near and far to save the Algiers neighborhood. MICHAEL STEINBERG, New Orleans Independent Media Center

(14 Sep 2005) Denise Moore's story of the Convention Center. What the media did not mention about the shootings. As told by LISA C. MOORE

(16 Sep 2005) ""It's not so much that the government is not responding [with storm relief], they are obstructing the response." The locally-led community relief effort in Algiers - now called Common Ground Algiers. NAOMI ARCHER

Exclusive video from New Orleans
Shot by film-maker Gloria La Riva of the A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition. In Windows Media (14 min, 36 MB)

Video: Police looters in walmart

(1 Sep 2005) Up to 12 more tropical storms are expected to follow Hurricane Katrina. STEPHEN LEAHY

(18 Aug 2005) Twenty tropical storms forecast for this season. Evening and early-morning temperatures higher than normal, especially in the central provinces of Cuba. RAISA PAGES

(7 Aug 2005) One of the worst years on record for hurricanes, scientists say, amid spectacular new evidence about the power of these storms and fears that global warming is intensifying them. AFP

(july 2005) Despite the enormous reach of the mass media and modern communications, environmental knowledge is not popularized, and information is not communicated in a timely fashion to the public. TONY SEED

(6 Sep 2005) Rumours acquired a particular currency. They acquired through repetition the status of established facts. Reports of the complete degradation and violent criminals running rampant in the Superdome suggested a crisis that both hastened the relief effort and demonised those who were stranded. GARY YOUNGE

(July 2005) Active hurricane season approaching. MARK RUSHTON with TONY SEED

Socialism and storms: Cuba's success in minimising loss of life during Hurricane Michelle highlights the social dimension of coping with natural disasters. How did Cuba save lives? The most important factor seems to be timely evacuation. Dr. BEN WISNER, The Guardian (London)

(5 Sep 2005) "We will patiently wait as long as necessary," the Cuban leader told his audience of doctors, neatly dressed in white uniforms with medical kits ready.

(5 Sep 2005) Meeting with the 1,586 medical doctors assembled to offer assistance to the American people in areas affected by hurricane Katrina

it is imperative that we demand the Right of Return now, before the circumstances of the displacement of this population create facts on the ground that cannot be reversed. BLACK COMMENTATOR

Placing the military at the center and eliminating the body politic - Voice of Revolution, August 7, 2005 -

(28 Aug 05) The Port of Southern Louisiana is the fifth-largest port in the world in terms of tonnage, and the largest port in the United States. STRATFOR

(1 Sep 2005) The destruction of New Orleans was a work of nature but a nature that has been worked upon by human hands and human policies. CHRIS FLOYD

(2 Sep 2005) After 9/11, hard questions were deferred in the name of national unity, then buried under a thick coat of whitewash. This time, we need accountability. PAUL KRUGMAN

(5 Sep 2005) Although governments and social organisations from the region have offered help, they have run into restrictions set by Washington. DIEGO CEVALLOS

(7 Sep 05) Many shocked Dutch were reminded of what happened to their own country in 1953. Questioning the 'Dutch Solution' (16 Sep 05) More than half of the Netherlands lies below sea level. Does the Dutch experience hold lessons for New Orleans?

(10 Sep 2005) The New Orleans fiasco is revealing how the US failed state is transforming all social, civil and political affairs into military matters. Editorial of TML Daily

(12 Sep 2005) The Bush administration has armed itself with in its "global war on terror": the power to incarcerate anybody -- including US citizens -- indefinitely, without charge. SIDDHARTH VARADARAJAN

(14 Sep 2005) The willful neglect of the Bush regime before and after hurricane Katrina offered a rare glimpse behind The Facade. JOHN PILGER

(15 Sep 2005) Draped beneath a flag and accompanied by a band or floating bloated on the surface of toxic flood waters: there are different ways to die in Bush's America, writes AZMI BISHARA

In a makeshift grave on the streets of New Orleans lies the body of Vera Smith. ANDREW BUNCOMBE

The foretelling of a deadly disaster in New Orleans FEMA ranked hurricane scenario highly likely in '01 ERIC BERGER*

(Oct 2001) MARK FISCHETTI, Scientific American

(23-27 June 02) "It's only a matter of time before South Louisiana takes a direct hit from a major hurricane. Billions have been spent to protect us, but we grow more vulnerable every day." Five-part series published by 'The Times-Picayune', New Orleans.

(20 Sep 2002) NOW with Bill Moyers, PBS

(14 Sep 2004) "Nagin said he would 'aggressively recommend' people evacuate, but that it would be difficult to order them to, because at least 100,000 in the city rely on public transportation and have no way to leave." AP

(Feb 2005) A series in the 'Houston Chronicle'.

(Oct 2004) The Louisiana bayou, hardest working marsh in America, is in big trouble -- with dire consequences for residents, the near by city of New Orleans, and seafood lovers everywhere. JOEL K. BOURNE, Jr.

(31 Aug 2005) No one can say they didn't see it coming. 'Times Picayune' had repeatedly raised federal spending issues. WILL BUNCH

(9 Sep 2005) As Katrina roared into the Gulf of Mexico, emergency planners were poring over maps and charts of a hurricane simulation that projected 61,290 dead and 384,257 injured or sick in a catastrophic flood that would leave swaths of southeast Louisiana uninhabitable for more than a year. RON FOURNIER and TED BRIDIS

The Pam exercise had over 270 participants from federal, regional and local agencies, gathered at Louisiana's Office of Emergency Preparedness in Baton Rouge. JOHN MCQUAID

Florida flood that accounted for the most deaths of Black people in a single day (until Katrina). ELIOT KLEINBERG

Great Labour Day Hurricane of 1935
(26 Sep 2005) An outraged demand for accountability for the needless death of the veterans. "Who left you there? And what's the punishment for manslaughter now?" No person was ever formally charged. MELISSAH J. PAWLIKOWSKI
A pdf document. Ernest Hemingway, New Masses, 17 September 1935

(4 Oct 2004) Most analysts consider the "humanitarian" amounts disbursed and requested by the Bush administration a pittance, compared to the extent of the storms' damages, writes JIM LOBE

(26 Apr 2000) Essential public facilities -- yacht slips, golf resorts, luxury beach clubs ... A quarter of a billion tax dollars have gone to such facilities since 1989. JIM HIGHTOWER

(16 Sep 2004) An ill wind and American policy. ROSEMARY and WALT BRASCH

Be Cuba, the West Indies or Central America.NOAM CHOMSKY

(3 Nov 2004) Seldom has any federal agency had the opportunity to so directly and uniquely alter the course of a presidential election, and seldom has any agency delivered for a president as FEMA did in Florida this fall. CHARLES MAHTESIAN

Excerpted from the book Inside the Shadow Government; National Emergencies and the Cult of Secrecy (2003) HARRY HELMS

(22 Sep 2004) FEMA officials began questioning the costs of the generators and whether they were even eligible for government funding. After months of back and forth with federal bureaucrats, word finally came down in May of this year, and it was a resounding "No." BARBARA SOLOW

(22 Sep 2004) Protection from natural hazards may be trumped by "homeland security". JON ELLISTON

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